We appreciate that a client’s exposure to the criminal justice system can often be an unexpected and somewhat traumatic experience.  It frequently occurs following an arrest and under somewhat  hurried circumstances and the outcome can have lifelong impact.  As such, our criminal defense lawyers approach each case with recognition of this initial sense of urgency and with the goal of educating the client about the judicial process and the options for resolution that will be available throughout the process.

Our criminal defense team is headed by a lawyer who is a former Essex County prosecutor and who since prosecuting has defended clients charged with all levels of crime at the District Court and Superior Court levels for a period of nearly thirty (30) years.  Within this area of practice it can be as important to have working relationships with court personal ( ie prosecutors, probation officers,  clerk magistrates and court officers) as it is to have substantive knowledge of the law and the skill set needed to be effective in the courtroom  It is also critical to have familiarity with the temperments and dispositional tendencies of the judges in front of whom we appear so as to best position case for the most favorable outcome. In the final analysis, a criminal defense attorney needs to possess the experience to determine which cases should proceed to trial and the skill set to effectively advocate at trial.

Our team of criminal defense lawyers appears with regularity before the Criminal Courts within Essex County and Eastern Massachusetts.  We have the needed working relationships with Court personal and needed familiarity with the various presiding judges.  Most importantly our lawyers have a demonstrated record of success in obtaining favorable results by both negotiated plea and following trial on the merits.

Whether you are in need of assistance in dealing with some of the most common charged crimes ( ie.  DUI, drug and alcohol possession, domestic assault, larceny or other motor vehicle offenses) or whether you problem is of a more serious nature and may be addressed at the Superior Court level of the system ( ie. drug distribution/trafficking, sexual or other serious assault, gun related offenses, embezzlement or high value larceny/robbery, ect.) we can help.

To arrange an initial consultation regarding a criminal charge, please External link opens in new tab or windowcontact Ankeles, Vontzalides, Ambeliotis & Delaney, LLP, by External link opens in new tab or windowe-mail or call 978-531-7000.